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GTA San Andreas Superman Mod Controls

GTA San andreas is one of most hit game in these days,and it's Superman mod is also very interesting.
There are many advantages of this mod like,

You can run very fast and you can also swim at awesome speed.
You have no worry about fire with this mod you are really fire proof.
GTA San andreas superman has also this feature that you are bullet proof in this mod.
In short words its a mod that can change you way of gaming.

But many of us don't know
How To Play in Superman Mod Or What Are Control Button For GTA San Andreas Superman Mod.

In this short post i'm going to tell you Instructions About superman mod.
all you have to do is read carefully.
1)To fly with superman press "Shift+C".

2)To pick any vehicle press "G".

3)while picking up a vehicle press "H" and now vehicle will follow you.

4)Press "H" in-front of vehicles and an energy will push back the vehicles, {That's Cool}.

5)Press "LMB"(left mouse button) and then press…

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